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THERMODAN® HF Low Smoke Zero Halogen

THERMODAN® HF Thermoplastic Polymer Technology provides the ultimate security for human safety in high occupancy and restricted area facilities. Up to 95% less smoke, low toxicity, low acid gas producing characteristics than Halogenated and PVC systems. Complies to IEC & BS for HFFR Compounds for various cable markets listed below.

UL | CSA and IEC Global Standards

UL HF Bulleting UL2885   0103-212NT & TP 0812

Power | Data | Telecomm | Fiber Optic Cable Jackets

LEEDS® Technology Competence

NameKey Features / DescriptionElongation (%)Tensile (psi)Specific Gravity
THERMODAN® CP 0110-108Superior FR and UV Resistance. Available in Natural (NT) or Black (BK).40023001.38
THERMODAN® HF TP343NTLow Smoke Zero Halogen Jacket Compound For Copper Media Category 5e & 623217251.64
THERMODAN® HF 0103-212Low Smoke Zero Halogen Thermoplastic Insulation for Low Voltage Electronic. Available in Natural (NT) or Black (BK).21518001.50
THERMODAN® HF TP 0812Low Smoke Zero Halogen Thermoplastic Jacket for Cost Effective Data18018131.49
THERMODAN® HF TP 543CLow Smoke Zero Halogen Thermoplastic Insulation or Jacket for High Performance UL Oil Res II applications in Low Voltage Power Energy Control Cable.17018851.54
THERMODAN® HF TP-0851A flame retardant, low smoke, thermoplastic compound which has been specially developed to meet the requirements of limited toxic and corrosive fume emission.16017401.40
THERMODAN® HF TP519CThermoplastic, low-smoke, halogen-free flame retardant compound for data and communication cable.17018851.50
THERMODAN® HF TP543CBUThermoplastic, low-smoke, halogen-free, flame retardant compound for cable insulation and Jacketing.17018851.54