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A flame retardant, low smoke, thermoplastic compound which has been specially developed to meet the requirements of limited toxic and corrosive fume emission. The material forms a strong cohesive char when exposed to flame & is particularly suitable for fire survival cable for use in emergency alarm, communication & lighting cable circuits. Specially developed to comply with the requirements of cable specifications BS 7629, BS 6387 CWZ, BS EN 50200,BS 8434-2 & BS 5839-1 Clause 26.2 PH120 Enhanced. TP-0851 complies with LTS3 in BS 7655

  • Thermoplastic Wire 2
Market LV fire security and fire survival cables
Application Jacketing
LOI (%)
Elongation (%) 160
Tensile (MPa) 1740
Technology Thermoplastic
Specific Gravity 1.40
Flame/Smoke Testing & Characteristics BS EN 61034-2

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We can offer variations of this product to include different additives, colors and varying strengths of catalyst masterbatch. Please contact our technical or commercial staff to discuss in more detail.