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SACO AEI Polymers provides off-shelf and customized modifiers and additives solutions to polymer compounders and converters. Product lines include LINXIDAN® coupling agents, ARMIDAN® impact modifiers, LUBIDAN® polymer lubricants. Products are developed and manufactured at the state-of-the-art facility in Sheboygan Wisconsin. For more information on our portfolio of additives please visit aessesd.com

NameKey Features / DescriptionMFIMelting TemperatureDensity
ARMIDAN® NT7100High efficiency impact modifier for polyamides21.0680.89
ARMIDAN® NT7210High efficiency impact modifier for polyamides19.0720.89
ARMIDAN® NT7410High efficiency, high flow impact modifier for polyamides & polyesters39.0720.88
LINXIDAN® LX4433Maleated PE coupling agent with high content of grafted MA0.61300.95
LINXIDAN® LX4435Maleated homo-PP coupling agent with high content of grafted MA and high MFI100.01610.91
LINXIDAN® LX4436Maleated VLDPE coupling agent with high content of grafted MA0.3680.89
LINXIDAN® LX4510Silane copolymer coupling agent0.71280.94
LINXIDAN® LX4520Silane copolymer coupling agent0.71190.91
LINXIDAN® LX4530Silane copolymer coupling agent0.8990.90
LUBIDAN® MB-11Masterbatch of Nylon 6 and molybdenum-disulfide that is ideal for applications requiring toughness, high compressive strength and lubricity.100.0--