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Flame Retardants

Our EXTINITY® line of flame retardant and antimony oxide masterbatches and compounds deliver FR performance in a non-dusting pellet that is easy to handle.  Benefits include improved properties via better dispersion and better environmental Health and Safety by elimination of powders. For more information on our portfolio of Flame Retardants please visit aessesd.com

NameKey Features / DescriptionProduct TypeFR Type
EXTINITY® 0101-107FR compound, halogenated Compounds Halogen, Synergist
EXTINITY® 0101-108FR compound, halogenated Compounds Halogen, Synergist
EXTINITY® 0101-205Low smoke, HDPE, extrusion Compounds Non-Halogen
EXTINITY® 0103-202Olefin based, extrusion Compounds Non-Halogen
EXTINITY® 0201-125Highly filled flame retardant concentrate designed to meet a variety of film flame retardant specifications. Masterbatch Synergist, Bromine
EXTINITY® 0201-127Non-blooming designed to alleviate color shift problems when a flame retardant is used in colored films. Masterbatch Synergist, Bromine
EXTINITY® 0201-132Highly loaded; UV stabilized flame retardant concentrate for letdown in polyethylene resin systems. Masterbatch Synergist, Bromine, SS
EXTINITY® 0201-171Highly loaded, RoHS compliant, flame-retardant concentrate. Masterbatch Synergist, Bromine
EXTINITY® 0201-312Highly loaded antimony trioxide concentrate for a variety of applications. Masterbatch Antimony
EXTINITY® 0202-10248% active flame retardant masterbatch additive dispersed in co-polymer polypropylene (coPP) carrier. Masterbatch Synergist, Bromine
EXTINITY® 0202-103Highly loaded brominated flame-retardant concentrate in polypropylene carrier Masterbatch Bromine
EXTINITY® 0203-303Highly loaded antimony oxide concentrate in an EVA carrier resin. Masterbatch Antimony
EXTINITY® 0211-301Highly loaded antimony oxide concentrate in an EPDM carrier resin. Masterbatch Antimony
EXTINITY® 0218-108Highly loaded flame-retardant concentrate used for a variety of polystyrene-based applications. Masterbatch Bromine
EXTINITY® C0007-18LMExtrusion compound, coPP Compounds Halogen, Synergist
EXTINITY® PFP042M-04Non-halogenated phosphorus based flame retardant masterbatch concentrate in a polypropylene carrier. Masterbatch ZH Phosphorus