Here at SACO AEI Polymers, we are not only commited to to providing the best service to our customers, but also striving to being great stewards to our planet that we all share.

As a plastics manufacturer, it can be difficult to highlight our commitment to the environment, but through education and dedication to sustainability, we can fight that stigma and help our planet at the same time.



Where regulations allow, SACO strives to use as much recycled polymer as possible. As a company, we achieved our goal of becoming ISO14001 Certified, which includes an environmental component. In our Automotive Sheet division, we are able to recycle scrap from our own products back into our manufacturing process, as well as taking in scrap from other industries.

Our sustainably built Headquarters in Sheboygan, Wisconsin was one of our biggest steps toward sustainability. With energy efficient lightbulbs, automatic lights, sinks, and hand dryers, and multiple water bottle filling stations and recycling stations for employee use, this building is the pinnacle of sustainability. The most impressive aspect of our green HQ building is that its heating and cooling system is run using non-contact service water from our manufacturing equipment. There are approximately 106,000 gallons of water flowing through the heat pumps at HQ every day.

Another major aspect in sustainability for plastic pellet manufacturing is scrap management. Plastic pellets are a common pollutant to wildlife and nature, but with proper disposal this can be avoided. 

SACO obtained ISO 14001 (Environmental) and ISO 45001 (Safety) certifications to complement our ISO 9001 (Quality) certifications not only to provide a basis for continuous improvement but to also provide a basis for an integrated management system vital to communicating across all levels of the organization. All three aspects are important to sustainability. For example, a company cannot be sustainable (viable) for the long haul if it is unsafe or does not work to reduce waste or pollution or produces inferior quality product. If any one of these three aspects are consistently poor, a company cannot survive (be sustainable).



Majority of SACO AEI’s products finish in end user products that have a very long use stage in the Life Cycle Assessment. Wire & Cable, Pipe, and Automotive products are all meant to be used for multiple years before they would reach the “end of life” stage. This means there is a lot of time between when our products are manufactured and when they becomes waste.



Our employees are actively engaged in our recycling programs at work and are trained in proper disposal of manufacturing and office scrap.

Employees are encouraged to practice sustainability in their everyday lives – company reusable water bottles are available, and some employees use their free time to participate in sustainability events such as beach clean-up campaigns and composting projects.