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    CAPXIDAN® capstock products are designed to be coextruded over Wood-Plastic Composite deck boards to provide moisture & wear resistance, aesthetics, durability and unprecedented adhesion to the WPC substrate.

    CAPXIDAN® is a modified copolymer produced with a proprietary, specialized formulation. The material may be used with or without one of our specialized synergistic additive packages depending on the desired properties and production conditions. Properties such as Gloss, Surface COF, and Scratch & Mar resistance can be customized with the use of other specialty additives as well as processing parameters.

    NameKey Features / DescriptionMFIMelting TemperatureDensity
    CAPXIDAN® HDNon-ionomer High Strength Capstock | Scratch Resistance, Even at Elevated Temperatures | Chemical and Staining Resistance | High COF1.0-0.95
    CAPXIDAN® LGNon-ionomer high strength capstock• Scratch resistance, also at elevated temperature• Chemical and staining resistance• High COF • Resin designed for achieving very low gloss appearance without use of inorganic fillers0.4-0.95