The greatest asset of SACO AEI Polymers is a well-educated, highly motivated workforce. SACO AEI Polymers fosters this motivation by promoting from within and by providing a hands on management approach, which emphasizes teamwork responsibility and a sharing of ideas. Design reviews and product implementation teams encourage involvement by employees and visibly enhance their contribution to the success of the company. Within SACO AEI Polymers we challenge and empower one another to promote a safe, efficient, and respectful working environment that ensures long-term stability and employment security, providing opportunities for life-long personal and professional development. SACO AEI Polymers encourages employees to maximize their potential by providing 100% reimbursement of higher education pursuits with relevance to the individual's career in the company. This dedication to employees sparks creativity and productivity which in turn have been the major catalyst for SACO AEI Polymers excellent growth since 1989.

SACO AEI Polymers understands the close correlation between progress in human relations and technological advancement. Plants are designed in such a way that workers operate in a modern, comfortable working environment.

Employees share in company profits through a bonus system.

The philosophy which guides SACO AEI Polymers encourages teamwork, innovation, technological advancement and personal growth. It is this motivating force which continues to satisfy our goal of being a manufacturing and technological world leader in our chosen market segments.

We are always seeking talented and innovative people to join our organization. 

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