Product Description: MAH modified polyolefin elastomer (POE) for super tough Nylon 6,6

    Key Characteristics: 

    • Designed to improve toughness and impact performance at room and sub-zero temperatures by coupling with polar polymeric compounds
    • Suggested loading levels between 4% - 20%, depending on desired impact performance and Nylon grade
    • Lower viscosity, allowing for better dispersion in polyamides

    Problems Solved:

    • Improves processability, melt strength, and dispersion in polyamide compounds
    • Efficient in glass-filled polyamide systems
    • Boosts physical properties of lower-cost raw materials


    • Filled and unfilled PA6,6, PA6, PA12, and PBT blends
    • Automotive, Buildings & Construction, Electrical & Electronics, Appliances, Wire, and Cable


    • MG 9824 (1)
    Key Features POE based impact modifier for super tough Nylon 66
    Density (g/cm3) 0.88
    Melting Temperature 72
    MFI 39.0


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    We can offer variations of this product to include different additives, colors and varying strengths of catalyst masterbatch. Please contact our technical or commercial staff to discuss in more detail.