EXTINITY® CF101-LM is a flame retardant masterbatch in a semi-crystalline, co-polymer polypropylene carrier. It

    has been designed for extrusion, and Wire and Cable insulation applications. The product meets between V-2 and

    V-0 flammability rating when tested to UL 94 at various thicknesses.

    • fire/ flames
    • flame cropped
    Key Features PP Resin Family, Halogenated, UL V2, UL V0
    Market Wire and Cable Insulation
    Application Jacketing, Insulation
    Density (g/cm3) 1.02
    MFI 1.3
    Physical Form Pellets
    Resin Family PP
    FR Type Synergist, Antimony Trioxide
    Product Type Masterbatch

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    We can offer variations of this product to include different additives, colors and varying strengths of catalyst masterbatch. Please contact our technical or commercial staff to discuss in more detail.