Product Description: MAH grafted polypropylene-based coupling agent

    Key Characteristics:

    • Designed specifically to chemically bind natural fibers, cellulose fiber, glass-filled and mineral-filled compounds to polypropylene
    • High content of grafted maleic anhydride, thus providing higher efficiency and reducing raw material costs
    • Enhances bonding to cellulosic fiber in Wood-Plastic Composites (WPC)


    Problems Solved:

    • High melt flow for easy processability
    • Promotes adhesion to long and short glass fibers and mineral fillers in polyolefin compounds
    • Improves dispersion of fillers and flame retardant additives in compounds and masterbatches


    • Impactcoupling
    Key Features Maleated homo-PP coupling agent with high content of grafted MA and high MFI
    Density (g/cm3) 0.91
    Melting Temperature 161
    MFI 100.0

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    We can offer variations of this product to include different additives, colors and varying strengths of catalyst masterbatch. Please contact our technical or commercial staff to discuss in more detail.