SX408 pre-grafted base is mixed with a crosslinking catalyst masterbatch CM401 in the ratio 95:5. If high thermal ageing is required, than CM493 should be used instead. Crosslinking is obtained by exposure to moist or hot water immersion only.

    Key Features Silane crosslinkable polyethylene for low voltage power cable insulation
    Market Wire & Cable, Low Voltage Power, Power Cable
    Application Insulation
    LOI (%)
    Elongation (%) 350
    Tensile (psi) 18
    Tensile (MPa)
    Density (g/cm3) 0.93
    Melting Temperature
    Specific Gravity 0.93
    Active Level
    Physical Form Pellets
    Resin Family
    FR Type
    Product Type Compound

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    We can offer variations of this product to include different additives, colors and varying strengths of catalyst masterbatch. Please contact our technical or commercial staff to discuss in more detail.