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The use of polymeric based products in commercial buildings is often agency regulated to comply with flame retardant standards. These regulatory agencies include National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), Underwriters Laboratory (UL), Factory Mutual (FM) and various building code authorities at the state and local level. SACO AEI Polymers offers a variety of compounds and masterbatches that when used correctly reduce the flame spread and smoke development compared to unfilled polymer systems and allow for compliance with important building codes such as ASTM E84 or UL94-V. Applications include film, sheet, wall coverings, pipe and conduit. Our technical staff closely monitors new flame retardant chemistries to meet the emerging needs of the market place.

NameKey Features / DescriptionProduct TypeFR Type
EXTINITY® 0101-205Low smoke, HDPE, extrusion Compounds Non-Halogen
EXTINITY® 0103-202Olefin based, extrusion Compounds Non-Halogen
EXTINITY® 0201-125Highly filled flame retardant concentrate designed to meet a variety of film flame retardant specifications. Masterbatch Synergist, Bromine
EXTINITY® 0201-127Non-blooming designed to alleviate color shift problems when a flame retardant is used in colored films. Masterbatch Synergist, Bromine
EXTINITY® 0201-132Highly loaded; UV stabilized flame retardant concentrate for letdown in polyethylene resin systems. Masterbatch Synergist, Bromine, SS
EXTINITY® PFP018M-56HFFR compound, low smoke, extrusion Compounds Non-Halogen
EXTINITY® PFP026M-13HFFR compound, semi-rigid TPE, extrusion. Compounds Non-Halogen