Emerging Markets

Crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) has utility in various applications when typical materials are challenged due to cost or logistics.  

Traditionally XLPE (also called PEX) has proven to be a cost effective replacement for copper piping since performance requirements can be met while being easier to install.  More recently XLPE is bringing value to additional applications for example:  

  • XLPE may replace electron beam technology to maintain the enhanced properties of PE without the additional transportation and cost for third party services 
  • XLPE may be used for reinforcing rings / fittings  
  • Many other possibilities: XLPE may be used instead of PE in almost any application where higher heat distortion characteristics (XLPE does not melt) or greater stress crack resistance are of interest  

For more information about XLPE or to schedule a one on one discussion with a technical expert about your specific material/property needs please contact us at camille.duvalle@sacoaei.com 

Download Documents

NameKey Features / Description
PEXIDAN® L/TPEX 5106, NSF-pw, NSF61, F876, B137.5, CL-5
PEXIDAN® L/T EclipsePEX 5306, NSF-pw, NSF61, F876, B137.5, C904, CL-5, UV
PEXIDAN® L/T-UVPEX 5306, NSF-pw, NSF61, F876, B137.5, C904, CL-5, UV