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SACO AEI Polymers offers a new line of compounds that are either Moisture Cure, E-Beam or CV cross-linked, and designed to meet the most stringent requirements for applications encompassing ISO 6722, SAE J1127 and SAEJ1128 requirements. Knowledge and expertise in formulation design and polymer processing, accumulated over the past 40 years, allow us to deliver products with exceptional balance of physical properties, processability and cost. Our compound formulations remain under close supervision to ensure REACH and RoHS compliance.

NameKey Features / DescriptionLOI (%)Elongation (%)Tensile (psi)
EKOPREN® 3IR901Automotive T3; ISO 6722, E-Beam Flexible Battery Cable272101600
EKOPREN® 3IR951Automotive T3; ISO 6722, E-Beam Primary Cable282002200
EKOPREN® 3IS901Halogen Free Automotive T3 ISO 6722 Vul-Cup Cure Battery Cable Boxes.272101600
EKOPREN® 3IS951ISO 6722 Automotive T3, UL44 Type SIS and UL AWM Style 3173 Vul Cup Cure Primary Cable282002200
PEXIDAN® HF X/T90°C wet rated UL44 flame-retardant zero-halogen insulation352752075
PEXIDAN® H/T150°C, AWM, FT2243002300
PEXIDAN® J/T125C, J1128, ISO T3, Abrasion Resistant253002300
EKOPREN® 3IS931T3, ISO 672227-2175