Fiber Optic

Flame-retardant low-smoke thermoplastic compounds, which have been specially developed to meet the requirements of limited toxic and corrosive fume emissions. These products have been developed for Fiber Optic applications and offer good processability at high extrusion speeds with low shrink and low drool properties.

NameKey Features / Description
THERMODAN® HF TP343NTLow Smoke Zero Halogen Jacket Compound For Fiber Optic Cables | European CPR | Hospitals | Airports | Commercial Premises & Residential Facilities
THERMODAN® HF TP519CThermoplastic, low-smoke, halogen-free flame retardant compound for data and communication cable.
THERMODAN® HF TP543CLow smoke, low toxicity, halogen free, natural colored flame-retardant thermoplastic compound for use in all types of cables sheathing. This compound presents a high flame retardancy which allow cables to comply with harsher flame tests and high CPR class
THERMODAN® HF TP543C2LSZH Fiber Optic Cable Jackets Crack Resistant for Arid Hot and Humid Climates
THERMODAN® HF TP812Low Smoke Zero Halogen Thermoplastic Jacket for Cost Effective Data