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    Low Voltage Power

    The demand for power grows, equipment and infrastructure get ‘smarter’ and more sophisticated in order to use our resources to their fullest potential.  Wire and cable is a key part of power resource management.

    PEXIDAN® Wire & Cable products provide high-quality, low cost, performance-oriented XLPE insulation solutions for the low voltage power industry, backed by superior customer service and technical support and the best delivery in the industry. 

    NameKey Features / DescriptionElongation (%)Tensile (psi)Specific GravityTensile (MPa)
    PEXIDAN® HF V/TUnique low smoke halogen-free flame retardant 90°C wet-rated XL-insulation system curable by moisture. REACH and RoHS-compliant.16720901.6414
    PEXIDAN® HF X/T90°C wet rated UL44 flame-retardant zero-halogen insulation27022001.2914.3
    PEXIDAN® V/T90°C, XHHW-2, VW1, FT427518501.3012.8
    PEXIDAN® V/T-290°C, XHHW-2, VW1, FT440022001.3215.2
    PEXIDAN® V/T-2UV90°C, XHHW-2, VW1, FT4 SUNRES30019301.3012.8
    PEXIDAN® X/T90°C, XHHW-2, FT237520001.0115.2
    PEXIDAN® X/T-UV90°C, XHHW-2, FT2, SUNRES40022001.0216.2
    PEXIDAN® X/T-UV290°C, XHHW-2, FT2, SUNRES42523501.0216.2
    THERMODAN® CP 0110-110N (Developmental)UV resistant, lead-free, RoHS compliant, thermoplastic CPE. Designed for a wide variety of jacketing applications like wire & cable and tube bundles. Superior fire performance, slow flame propagation, self-extinguishing and fast extrusion speed.4082453--
    PEXIDAN® HF S/C-UVHigh performance, low smoke halogen-free, flame retardant, colorable 105°C rated XLPE jacketing system curable by moisture.25318101.38-
    PEXIDAN® HF SX407KLOCA approved for use in nuclear power stations140--12
    PEXIDAN® HF SX524Tracking resistant, ADSS300--10
    PEXIDAN® HF SX545General purpose insulation140--12
    PEXIDAN® HF SX559Low Smoke Zero Halogen XLPE16520311.4914
    PEXIDAN® HF SX612ESLow smoke, low toxicity, halogen free, flame retardant silane crosslinkable compound for insulation of LV cables and sheathing of all types of cables140131.52-
    PEXIDAN® HF SX612SStandard, scorch retardant, enhanced FR & ambient cure grades available170--14
    PEXIDAN® R/T90°C, RW90, RPV9040024000.9215.2
    PEXIDAN® R/T-UV290°C, RW90, SUNRES36024500.9216.9
    PEXIDAN® SX408Silane crosslinkable polyethylene for low voltage power cable insulation350180.93-
    PEXIDAN® SX409 NT33kV XLPE tree retardant insulation350--18
    PEXIDAN® SX522AAmbient cure XLPE insulation450--18
    PEXIDAN® SX523XLPE insulation, UV resistant to NFC 33-209450--18
    PEXIDAN® SX546Ambient cure XLPE 125°C rated500--24
    PEXIDAN® SX5541kV - 10kV, highly flexible420--9.5
    THERMODAN® HF 0103-212 BKLow Smoke Zero Halogen Thermoplastic Insulation for Low Voltage Electronic. Black (BK).19518001.5112.4
    THERMODAN® HF TP519CThermoplastic, low-smoke, halogen-free flame retardant compound for data and communication cable.17018851.5013
    THERMODAN® HF TP521TP521 has been specially developed to comply with the requirements of BS7655 Section 6 for types LTS1, 2, 3 and 4; EN 50290-2-27 for type HM2 and HD 604 for type HM4. Cables made with TP521 have passed the 3m3 smoke density chamber test to IEC 61034-2.180-1.4813
    THERMODAN® HF TP543CLow Smoke Zero Halogen Thermoplastic Insulation or Jacket for High Performance UL Oil Res II applications in Low Voltage Power Energy Control Cable.17018851.5413
    THERMODAN® HF TP543C2LSZH Fiber Optic Cable Jackets Crack Resistant for Arid Hot and Humid Climates1701900-13.1
    THERMODAN® HF TP812Low Smoke Zero Halogen Thermoplastic Jacket for Cost Effective Data18018001.4912.5
    THERMODAN® HF TP832Crack resistant, enhanced smoke & tear performance165--12.5
    THERMODAN® HF TP835Crack resistant170--12
    THERMODAN® HF TP837High line-speed, low die-drool170--12
    THERMODAN® HF TP851A flame retardant, low smoke, thermoplastic compound which has been specially developed to meet the requirements of limited toxic and corrosive fume emission.16017401.4012
    PEXIDAN® H/T150°C, AWM, FT230023001.0815.9
    PEXIDAN® J/T125C, J1128, ISO T3, Abrasion Resistant30023001.1315.9
    PEXIDAN® U/T90°C, USE-2, URD45022000.9215.2