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PV Solar/Nuclear

The demand for power grows while equipment and infrastructure gets ‘smarter’ and more sophisticated in order to use our resources to their fullest potential. Wire and cable is a key part of power resource management. PEXIDAN® products provide high-quality, low cost, performance-oriented XLPE insulation solutions for the power, control and instrumentation cable industry, backed by superior customer service and technical support and the best delivery in the industry. 

NameKey Features / DescriptionElongation (%)Tensile (psi)Specific Gravity
PEXIDAN® R/T-UV290°C, RW90, SUNRES36024500.92
PEXIDAN® V/T-2UV90°C, XHHW-2, VW1, FT4 SUNRES30019301.30
PEXIDAN® X/T-UV90°C, XHHW-2, FT2, SUNRES42523501.01
PEXIDAN® X/T-UV290°C, XHHW-2, FT2, SUNRES42523501.01
PEXIDAN®HF SX-0650:CM603Photovoltaic insulation & sheath1801885-
PEXIDAN® HF SX559:CM540Low Smoke Zero Halogen XLPE16520311.49