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    EPR / EPDM Compound



    We specialize in the development and manufacturing of elastomeric or polyolefin based compounds exclusively for the wire and cable industry for applications such as automotive, industrial power, energy distribution, mining and appliances. Several new compounds have been designed to obtain maximum flexibility together with oil resistance that are not achievable with standard thermoplastic compounds. With our technical assistance our customers have reached extrusion speeds comparable to the standard thermoplastic production rate of 2,000 meters/minute.


    Key Characteristics:

    Halogen free grades (available for all applications).

    Oil, fuel and grease resistance (up to 150°C).

    High temperature rating (up to 150°C continuous use).

    Flexible and extra-flexible (medium voltage insulation grades are also available).

    High speed extrusion (up to 4 times faster than standard production rate).


    NameKey Features / DescriptionLOI (%)Elongation (%)Tensile (psi)Tensile (MPa)
    PEXIDAN® SX505NT33kV XL EPDM tree retardant insulation-35013059
    PEXIDAN® SX5541kV - 10kV, highly flexible-420-9.5