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    LSZH / HFFR Compound

    THERMODAN® Thermoplastic  |  PEXIDAN® Irradiation and Moisture Cure XLPE Thermoset Systems provide the ultimate security for human safety in high occupancy and restricted area facilities. Up to 95% less smoke, low toxicity, low acid gas producing characteristics than Halogenated systems.

    Complies with UL | CSA | IEC & BS for LSZH Compounds for various cable markets listed below.

    UL 44 Bulletin PEXIDAN® HF X/T.

    Power | Energy | Data Cable | Fiber Optic | OPG | Transit

    LEED® Technology Competence.

    NameKey Features / DescriptionLOI (%)Elongation (%)Tensile (psi)Tensile (MPa)
    PEXIDAN® HF V/TUnique low smoke halogen-free flame retardant 90°C wet-rated XL-insulation system curable by moisture. REACH and RoHS-compliant.38167209014
    PEXIDAN® HF X/T90°C wet rated UL44 flame-retardant zero-halogen insulation35270220014.3
    THERMODAN® HF TP343NTLow Smoke Zero Halogen Jacket Compound For Fiber Optic Cables | European CPR | Hospitals | Airports | Commercial Premises & Residential Facilities38232172511.9
    PEXIDAN® HF S/C-UVHigh performance, low smoke halogen-free, flame retardant, colorable 105°C rated XLPE jacketing system curable by moisture.352531810-
    PEXIDAN® HF SX407KLOCA approved for use in nuclear power stations32140-12
    PEXIDAN® HF SX559Low Smoke Zero Halogen XLPE36165203114
    PEXIDAN® HF SX612SStandard, scorch retardant, enhanced FR & ambient cure grades available33170-14
    PEXIDAN® HF SX623Improved oil resistance, flexible, halogen free, flame-retardant, silane crosslinkable sheathing for cable applications.34170-10.3
    PEXIDAN®HF SX650Photovoltaic insulation & sheath34220174013
    THERMODAN® HF 0103-212 BKLow Smoke Zero Halogen Thermoplastic Insulation for Low Voltage Electronic. Black (BK).38195180012.4
    THERMODAN® HF 0103-212 NTLow Smoke Zero Halogen Thermoplastic Insulation for Low Voltage Electronic. Natural (NT)38215180012.4
    THERMODAN® HF TP519CThermoplastic, low-smoke, halogen-free flame retardant compound for data and communication cable.34170188513
    THERMODAN® HF TP521TP521 has been specially developed to comply with the requirements of BS7655 Section 6 for types LTS1, 2, 3 and 4; EN 50290-2-27 for type HM2 and HD 604 for type HM4. Cables made with TP521 have passed the 3m3 smoke density chamber test to IEC 61034-2.33180-13
    THERMODAN® HF TP543CLow smoke, low toxicity, halogen free, natural colored flame-retardant thermoplastic compound for use in all types of cables sheathing. This compound presents a high flame retardancy which allow cables to comply with harsher flame tests and high CPR class41170188513
    THERMODAN® HF TP543C2LSZH Fiber Optic Cable Jackets Crack Resistant for Arid Hot and Humid Climates42170190013.1
    THERMODAN® HF TP812Low Smoke Zero Halogen Thermoplastic Jacket for Cost Effective Data40180180012.5
    THERMODAN® HF TP832Crack resistant, enhanced smoke & tear performance35165-12.5
    THERMODAN® HF TP835Crack resistant33170-12
    THERMODAN® HF TP851A flame retardant, low smoke, thermoplastic compound which has been specially developed to meet the requirements of limited toxic and corrosive fume emission.-160174012
    THERMODAN® TP0842N DevelopmentalLSZH UL Flame Test VW-1 UL2556 | CL2 & CL2X | UL1343140170011.7
    THERMODAN® TP0843NLSZH Fiber Optic Cable Jackets 48+ Fiber Carrier38197164511.3
    THERMODAN® TP0845N DevelopmentalLSZH Fiber Optic Cable Jackets 48+ Fiber Carrier39190165011.4
    THERMODAN® TP0852N DevelopmentalLSZH Buffer Tube Designed for Low Shrink Back High Flexural Modulus and Maximum Protection Against Fiber Kinking | High Flexural Modulus of 840 Mpa offers extra protection against the fiber tube kinking and damage to attenuation39165214014.8
    THERMODAN® TP543CBU2LSZH Fiber Optic Cable Jackets Crack Resistant for Arid Hot and Humid Climates | Field Performance Proven to Prevent Premature Cable Jacket Cracking and VERY High FR Performance | Black Color42160200013.8