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Our Sioplas-type moisture-crosslinkable polyolefins are available for a wide variety of end-use applications.  Leading the market for two decades, our PEXIDAN® compounds feature outstanding long term performance with superior strength, toughness, and resistance to heat, chemicals, abrasion and creep.  PEXIDAN® compounds offer the best of crosslinked olefins with the ease of processing found in thermoplastics.  PEXIDAN® compounds are well-suited for most processing techniques and post-curable by steam, hot water or even ambient means.

NameKey Features / DescriptionElongation (%)Tensile (psi)Specific Gravity
PEXIDAN® H/T150°C, AWM, FT230023001.08
PEXIDAN® J/T125C, J1128, ISO T3, Abrasion Resistant30023001.13
PEXIDAN® R/T90°C, RW90, RPV9045024000.92
PEXIDAN® R/T-UV290°C, RW90, SUNRES36024500.92
PEXIDAN® U/T90°C, USE-2, URD45022000.92
PEXIDAN® V/T90°C, XHHW-2, VW1, FT427518501.30
PEXIDAN® V/T-290°C, XHHW-2, VW1, FT440018501.32
PEXIDAN® V/T-2UV90°C, XHHW-2, VW1, FT4 SUNRES30019301.30
PEXIDAN® X/T90°C, XHHW-2, FT237520001.01
PEXIDAN® X/T-UV90°C, XHHW-2, FT2, SUNRES42523501.01
PEXIDAN® X/T-UV290°C, XHHW-2, FT2, SUNRES42523501.01
EKOPREN® 3IS931T3, ISO 6722-2175-
PEXIDAN® A-3021Flexible, TPO, TPV40025000.90