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Processing Techniques for Moisture Cure Cross-Linkable Polyethylene (XLPE) Used in Manufacturing Wires & Cables | PEXIDAN®

SACO AEI’s PEXIDAN® Cross Linkable Wire & Cable Compounds have led the industry in performance and efficiency for more than two decades.This webinar will discuss best practices and processing techniques for extruding moisture cure XLPE. It is a must see for technical processing staff and key production managers who are seeking improved solutions for processing.

1.  Differences between XLPE and Thermoplastic Extrusion
2. Proper set-up of XLPE Wire Extrusion Line
3.  Do’s and Don’ts of XLPE Processing
4. Meet the SACO AEI Technical Services Team
5.  10 Minute Q&A Session


Dale Zevotek
Application Development Leader

With over 25 years in plastics processing (W&C, extrusion, injection molding, compounding, and blow molding). Dale Zevotek brings an experienced and determined approach to any processing challenge. Having started in Fiber Optics Operations/Engineering and worked his way through Copper Data, Compounding, Power Cable Production and Molding there is an encyclopedia of applications and processes background to draw from. Mr. Zevotek received his Engineering Degree from the United States Naval Academy and furthered his education with a Master’s of Business Administration from Pfeiffer University in Charlotte, NC.

Emily Vrbensky
Application Development Leader

Emily graduated from Case Western Reserve University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Polymer Science and Engineering. She has worked in the Wire & Cable industry since graduating, starting out as a Materials Engineer at a wire and cable manufacturer. She joined the SACO AEI team in 2019 as an Application Development Leader, bringing with her a unique view of customer needs and processing issues common to wire and cable extrusion.