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    PEXIDAN® Moisture Cure Solutions for PV Wire

    SACO AEI Polymers has perfected its Best-In-Class Sioplas Moisture Cure XLPE Insulation systems to address the needs of today's leading wire & cable manufacturers. These solutions rely on a technology whose field performance has been proven for over 30 years.

    PEXIDAN® Technology is available from inventory in convenient moisture shielded packaging that ranges from drums to gaylords. Samples are readily available.

    PEXIDAN® is the fastest, most cost effective XLPE wire extrusion compound technology on the market today. When combined with JAVACHEM's GT-300 Process Aid (click here for more info), extrusion line speeds can increase by over 25%, cable surfaces smoothness can improve, extruder motor loads can be reduced, and die drool can be reduced or even eliminated.



    SACO AEI's PV WIRE Solutions:

    PEXIDAN® X/T-UV System - FT2/FV-1

    PEXIDAN® X/T-UV2 System - FT2/FV-1

    PEXIDAN® V/T-2UV System - UL FT4 / UL 1685 / FV-2 / VW-1